Dear friends,
Our communities have sure seen some challenges in 2020. Everyone has opinions, and we are no different. For us, it comes down to something very simple: love your neighbor. That’s what we are called to do. Love each other, even those who look different than you, who worship differently than you, who vote differently than you, or are different in any other way that might be used to divide us. Just love each other. That is more important than anything.

So for the next three weeks, we are going to show love to our guests. We have partnered with Yvonne Campbell, owner of My Just Desserts in Alton, Illinois to provide a free Love Your Neighbor cookie with each order. It’s our way of putting love into action as well as investing in local business. And hopefully putting a smile on your face.

So come see us. Enjoy a cookie. And share pictures with us. Send us pics of your favorite local businesses, or of folks making a difference in their communities. Or, even photos of you sharing a cookie and a glass of our famous tea with a friend.

Our bottom line is that far more unites us than divides us. And that’s worth celebrating.

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Show some love...

to your favorite local business, community organization or even just a friend. #uniTEA

Share pictures of your favorites here.

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