Sissy here! I am an 8 year old gal and boy could I tell you some stories… I was found in a vacant home after my people decided to leave me there alone with my 6 puppies — I tried the best I could to take care of everyone but it was really hard. Thank goodness someone found us! These nice people are helping me find a real home with real people who will love me — I can’t wait!

I am a Boxer mix and I get along well with most other dogs, although I can be a bit picky and other girl dogs annoy me. I am housebroken, which I know is really important to most people.

I weigh 60 pounds and I know I’m a little older than most dogs here, but I still have a lot of love to give and fun to experience. I’m a pretty energetic ol’ gal! And I think it’s my turn to be loved unconditionally like I have loved others my whole life.

I got to go on a field trip recently and my adventure buddy said this about my traveling style: “Sissy didn’t ever run towards cars or kids/adults when we were on our walk — she wouldn’t pay attention to them. She was very good at staying away from moving cars!”

(We don’t know how Sissy is with kids yet, since we’ve not seen her around any yet.)


  • Gender:Female
  • Age:Senior
  • Breed:Dog


  • Location:Perry County Humane Society