Harley is a whole lotta dog – a lotta fun, a lotta energy, a lotta friend! He needs an active family and a strong leader to help him become the best dog he can be. He is 1-2 years old, weighs 65 pounds, and is strong as an ox.

He’s energetic, affectionate, and always ready for action! He also knows when to sit that butt down — for treats, at the door, and before being given the okay to gobble his dinner. He’s an eager learner who would love to be taught more.

Harley also is great in the car, loves water, and knows the rules about pottying! He’s a great dog! Always smiling! Harley also has an adorable overbite, but that’s really just the icing on the cake.

Harley can be dog selective and does NOT prefer the company of cats. He would most likely be fine with kids who are a little older due to his size. Due to his energy level, we’re recommending a fenced-in yard for Harley, as well as a couple meet-and-greets prior to adoption.

Harley just wants a second chance at love and companionship! Can you give him a chance?


  • Gender:Male
  • Age:Young
  • Breed:Dog


  • Location:Perry County Humane Society