Lauree Glembine

Lauree Glembine

Harrison Elementary School

5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Glembine’s natural ability and willingness to create a fun, respectful and trusting relationship with my son made all the difference his 5th grade year at Harrison. Due to an unexpected staff change early in the year, the entire 5th grade class went from 4 teachers to 3 in a weeks time. My son was fortunate enough to have Mrs. Glembine for both morning and afternoon instruction.

Her patience and understanding with each of her students as they adjusted to new kids in their class and a new routine was phenomenal. My son needs a little more attention and redirection than some and Mrs. Glembine was able to create a relationship with him that kept him in check and accountable for his actions but also allowed for open dialogue when he felt sad, worried or upset. He confided in her, joked with her and looked forward to being at school with her everyday, all day.

Mrs. Glembine stayed after school to make phone calls when they were needed and listened to advice I offered as my son’s parent. It was an absolutely great parent/teacher relationship. So, while there may not be one specific and outstanding event that she was part of, Mrs. Glembine did many small outstanding things on a daily basis because that’s the kind of person she is. As a parent, we can only hope all of our children’s teacher are this way!

Nominated by Tiffany