Laura Erikson

Laura Erikson



Laura Erikson always puts her students first in every aseptic their education. Teaching in an elementary school with significant diversity and low income families, she constantly searches funding and grants to provide students with books for personal ownership. She is cognizant of the Spanish speaking families and brings books with bilingual texts to help not only her students but their families as well.
During the COVID crisis she set up a mini classroom in her home in order to use her computer to teach lessons and communicate with her students from her home. She made certain students had materials, in some cases dropping them off at student’s homes.

Previously she has supported students in their sports & extracurricular activities and has worked cooperatively with another colleague to produce a student talent show.

Volunteering in the community is important to Laura Erikson and she encourages her students to participate in environmental projects, school gardens, fundraising. A standard classroom can’t contain the boundless energy of Third Grade Teacher, Laura Erikson.

Nominated by Vicki