Jenna Keller

Jenna Keller

Mahomet-Seymour High School

High-school Spanish teacher

I have nominated Señora Keller because she not only educates, but loves, supports, and encourages her students on a daily basis and even after they’ve been in her classes. She is always looking for new resources and activities to best help her students and keep them engaged whether in person or online. This is Jennas 25th year teaching and due to covid she’s had to make many adjustments to her methods, style, and location of teaching but has done it with a smile. Her students are lucky to have her!

Nominated by Karsyn


She goes above and beyond for her students. She is always coming up with innovative ways to engage them and truly connect them with the Spanish language. More than that, she cares about her students and their lives outside of her Spanish classroom. She spends break periods talking with them and supporting them in all areas of life. She spends time outside of school hours to tutor them and help them actually achieve in her class. She is a phenomenal teacher and overall caring, compassionate, and inspiring person

Nominated by Kamryn