Jen Brooks

Jen Brooks

Bloomington Jr High

Jr High English Teacher

I am nominating her for so many reasons she is the creator of the community site called” black is lit” she’s also local creator of the equality pact….she has also authored children’s books , and showcased her thesis on how black educators are missing in our society and it’s impact in our children …She is an English teacher fighting from the bottom of her heart to teach her children how to succeed in today’s society ….how an education is so badly needed to step upwards in life ….. She also allows her students to be themselves to speak as themselves and to not feel judged…
She is one of the most elquent speakers I’ve seen in our community , she gets to the heart of diversity and opens up dialogue with all members of the community …she is a game changer and a voice for this community for peaceful open dialogue change that we so badly need …..she is also a single mother and the hardest working person I know ….she lets nothing stand in her way of showing her kids they can be anything they set their minds too …..

She is a rising star!!! And sooooo deserving of every positive thing life throws at her

Nominated by Roxanne